Afro-Pop Fusion Dance Music From Zimbabwe and Beyond!


Nokuthula, based in Nederland, Colorado, plays contemporary

and traditional Afro-pop fusion dance music from Zimbabwe, South Africa and beyond.  The band’s roots are in Zimbabwean-style marimba and mbira, but its music is also influenced by jazz, blues, Latin, Afro-Cuban, Haitian, and other world music. Nokuthula's music is joyous, energetic and upbeat with driving rhythms and mesmerizing vocals.  A Nokuthula performance takes one on a musical journey and includes 1,000 year old traditional mbira songs, jazz-influenced township music and popular dance songs of South Africa, controversial anti-war music of Zimbabwe, traditional Cuban and West African drum songs, contemporary Zimbabwean compositions, Mozambican folk music, and a hint of American jazz.


Nokuthula has taken the traditional large Zimbabwean marimba ensemble, shrunk it down, added new sounds and instruments, and created something decidedly different with enough of a musical edge to keep you moving!  The name "Nokuthula" means “Mother of Peace” in the Ndebele language of Zimbabwe.  We hope that our music helps to spread peace throughout the world.









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