Educational Programs

As part of our mission, the members of Nokuthula are committed to sharing our love for Zimbabwean and world music by providing low-cost educational performances to schools, libraries, senior centers, community and public events. We have performed at libraries and schools throughout the Front Range and the San Luis Valley; nursing homes; Boys and Girls Clubs; and countless fundraising events.  Such educational performances help spread peace, awareness of other cultures, a deeper understanding of our differences and appreciation for our similarities.  Through the use of engaging activities, songs, and musical games, participants become a part of our performances and enjoy the excitement of lively, dynamic African-inspired music.


In addition to an upbeat musical performance, Nokuthula's educational programs include the following:

  • Discussion of the music, the meanings of the songs, and the cultural context in which the music is found.
  • Introduction to the traditional instruments we play (marimba, hand drums, percussion, mbira and vocals).
  • Participation in rhythmic exercises and dance movements.
  • Learning simple vocals to an African song.
  • Opportunity to play our percussion instruments (depending on the nature of the event).


Educational programs are appropriate for school assemblies, libraries or any event showcasing African studies, world music, traditional instruments or dance.

Andre showing the djembe to children on an educational tour of elementary schools in the San Luis Valley, Colorado, October, 2008.

Please contact us using the contact form if you are interested in more information about booking performances, pricing, etc.